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Google Grants Access to Gemini to Select Companies Ahead of Launch

Gemini will reportedly be prepared to compete against OpenAI's GPT-4 soon.

Gemini, Google‘s eagerly anticipated conversational artificial intelligence software, seems to have taken significant steps before its expected release. According to sources, the tech behemoth, which is owned by Alphabet, has granted access to the upcoming AI software to a select number of businesses.

Gemini will reportedly be prepared to compete against OpenAI’s GPT-4 soon. Given that Google has boosted its spending in generative AI this year, the debut of Gemini is extremely important to the corporation. This action is perceived as Google’s attempt to catch up, particularly in light of the fact that the IT industry was captivated by the launch of ChatGPT last year. 

Gemini consists of a collection of extensive language models that power a range of applications, including chatbots and features like text summarization and content creation that is personalized for the user. Similar to ChatGPT, these tools can be used to create news articles, create music lyrics, send emails, etc. Gemini will be made available to businesses through the Google Cloud Vertex AI service, according to Google. 

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Gemini is also expected to help programmers with coding and assist users in generating original pictures in response to text prompts. According to sources, Google is currently giving developers access to a sizable version of Gemini, however this version is not the biggest one currently under development. It is anticipated that the larger version’s capabilities will be on par with GPT-4.

Google is investing heavily in generative AI recently. For customers in India and Japan, the company added generative AI tools to its Search tool this month. These features enable the display of text or visual outcomes in response to prompts.

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