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Google Cloud releases an Architecture Diagramming tool to go from architecture to implementation quickly

Google introduces a new Google Cloud architecture diagramming tool to help the users in implementation.

Google releases a new google cloud architecture diagramming tool to help organizations go from architecture to implementation in a few steps. The idea is to guide users with a cloud use case to go from ‘ideas’ to ‘implementation’ via architecture.

The architecture diagram forms the foundation of the implementation journey. It allows users to share ideas, collaborate with people, and integrate the designs. To design a full-fledged architecture diagram, users need assistance in the form of a ‘reference architecture.’ This reference diagram can be tweaked to fit the purpose. 

Sometimes, the users may be aware of the starting point, but other times they may not have a clue. Furthermore, transitioning from the architecture to the actual implementation is an intimidating process. The Google Cloud architecture diagramming tool has been put into the scenario to address these challenges in implementation. The tool helps in the translation process to go from building the architecture to deploying the application with a few clicks.

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The tool’s interface provides a centralized listing of all Google Cloud goods and services. These services have been structured based on categories like database, compute, etc. Several images and icons have been incorporated into the interface so the user can build an architecture with a drag and drop feature. The tool is integrated with the Google Cloud Developer Cheat Sheet, allowing you to review the explanations and documentation associated with each component.

Other than architecture building assistance, the tool also includes 10+ prebuilt reference architectures that may be used, to begin with. These references cater to common use cases like microservices, websites, compute, ML, data science, etc.

Once the architecture is ready, its components can be easily deployed in Google Cloud with just one click! 

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