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Google Cloud Marketplace Launches DataRobot AI Cloud

Google Cloud to launch DataRobot AI Cloud to scale AI with flexibility and accelerate customer impact.

DataRobot AIX 2022: Cloud leader DataRobot announced its launch on Google Cloud Marketplace to make it easier for customers to thrive in the ever-evolving markets with the help of AI. The President and COO, Debanjan Saha, shared, “To thrive in today’s market, customers must have the ability to deliver AI where their data resides.”

The strategic expansion of the partnership between DataRobot and Google Cloud will enable the existing customers to avail services and meet the vendors where they are. This will make accelerating and innovating the industry across cloud platforms easier. 

DataRobot customers can now benefit from Google Marketplace by streamlining the deployment phase, generating better business solutions, and constructing & training AI-based models. The cloud conjugation deploys such services in production on-premises and manages them from a single glass plane. 

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The partnership seems to be a great move because a growing market demands to utilize most of its data, no matter where it is stored. It allows customers to experience the following: 

  1. Enhanced time to value: DataRobot services can be conveniently purchased using the Marketplace and operated from that moment.
  2. Complementary with Google Cloud Services: Several DataRobot services can seamlessly integrate with Google’s services like BigQuery, Looker, etc. They can also conveniently leverage the pool of vast libraries like Vertex AI.
  3. Flexibility: The partnership offers the perks of a multi-cloud data source that can also incorporate third-party models.

As said by Dai Vu, MD, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google, “Enabling AI to be accessible to a broader set of users has become a key driver of growth for organizations today.” The unified platform will bring data together and suit nearly users, from IT experts and data scientists to business analysts.

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