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Goa Board Introduces AI as Subject From Class 9 Onwards

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be introduced in all schools that do not provide NSQF subjects.

From Class 9 forward, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) has introduced Artificial Intelligence as a new subject. In accordance with the state board’s official announcement, AI will be introduced in all schools that do not provide NSQF subjects.

According to the official circular, “With reference to the aforementioned subject, the new subject Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been introduced as an additional subject in accordance with NSQF Scheme, as 7% subject for Class 9 from the Academic year 2023-2024.”

All schools that do not offer NSQF subjects are required to provide AI as a subject. The syllabus for Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ICT for Classes 9 and 11 would be the same for the Academic Year 2023–2024 under school assessment, according to a partial modification to circular No. 33, dated 28TM June 2022. For Schools/Students opting for AI as the 7th subject at Class 9, the existing School Assessment Subject, Information and Communication Technology, will be exempted.

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Students in class 9th who choose AI will have a theory assignment of 40 points (20 points – first term and 20 points – second term). They will also have a practical assignment of 60 points (30 points – first term and 30 points – second term).

For Class 9th and Class 11th, the Goa Board has suggested that schools conduct three sessions of 33 minutes each per week on AI. The Goa Board also revised the current ICT curriculum for Class 9th and Class 11tg in addition to adding AI as a new subject. 

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