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Genpact CEO Highlights Limitations of Foundational AI Models for Enterprise Use

Tyagarajan emphasized that he views AI as a tool for augmented intelligence rather than a complete replacement for human roles.

While Genpact, a Business Process Management (BPM) firm, has been engaged with OpenAI’s large language model, GPT, CEO NV Tyagarajan emphasized the importance of careful application due to the potential for incorrect responses that users may struggle to decipher. He noted that further fine-tuning is required to make these language models suitable for enterprise use cases, particularly when addressing specific and nuanced customer inquiries, such as order tracking.

Tyagarajan emphasized that he views artificial intelligence as a tool for augmented intelligence, with humans actively involved in the decision-making process rather than a complete replacement for human roles. This approach reflects Genpact’s commitment to harnessing AI to enhance human capabilities and drive innovation in the BPM industry.

Genpact is actively pursuing 100 generative artificial intelligence (AI) proof of concepts (PoC) across 10-12 distinct use cases, according to Tyagarajan. This initiative follows Genpact’s recent announcement that it will invest approximately $600 million over the next three years to bolster its AI capabilities, as stated during its Q2 2023 earnings conference.

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Tyagarajan explained that these 10-12 specific use cases are being designed with the intention of applying them across multiple clients, promoting efficiency and consistency in their AI solutions.

To support its $600 million investment, Genpact will channel resources into its own innovation and research and development (R&D) teams, client co-innovation initiatives, data, technology, and AI skills training, and the creation of specialized expert groups. The firm also intends to explore acquisitions in the fields of data analytics and intellectual property (IP) and frameworks related to data models.

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