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Fujitsu Artificial Intelligence Scoring Platform Powers Galileo XAI from LARUS

Galileo XAI uses Fujitsu’s artificial intelligence platform Finplex to generate explainability outputs and present them in a user-friendly manner as graph structured data.

Japanese multinational company Fujitsu announces that it will power the new Galileo XAI solution from LARUS. The companies plan to use Fujitsu’s Finplex artificial intelligence scoring platform to power Galileo XAI to provide finance solutions for businesses across the globe. 

Fujitsu’s platform enables enterprises to generate accurate graph-structured data using deep tensor machine learning technology. The new platform is an artificial intelligence-powered data analytics and visualization tool capable of displaying explainability outputs generated by Finplex in a very user-friendly manner. 

Galileo XAI is expected to be launched in August 2021 in the global market, while Fujitsu plans to offer similar services in Japan. 

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The combined technology will be able to provide graph-structured data at a rapid pace that other standard technologies can not generate. This would allow businesses to get accurate graphical insights and help them plan their financial strategies. 

Senior Vice President of Financial and Retail Solutions at Fujitsu, Masaru Yagi, said, “To ease people’s concerns about AI and further Fujitsu’s goal to make AI trustworthy, we’ve added explainable graph AI `Deep Tensor’ technology to `Finplex EnsemBiz,’ which offers users the ability to understand and verify the reasoning behind the outputs of a system’s decision-making processes.” 

He further mentioned that their explainable artificial intelligence platform is completely transparent, allowing customers to embrace innovations that deliver an edge in business. 

Apart from the finance industry, the companies also plan to launch their solution for other sectors like education, pharma, and manufacturing in the future. 

CEO of LARUS, Lorenzo Speranzoni, said, “We look forward to our continued partnership and the expansion of our offering to customers in the Japanese and global markets.”

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