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Free 12-Week-Long Cryptography Course By IIIT Bangalore

IIIT Bangalore is offering a free cryptography course on NPTEL for beginners who want to learn about various techniques to secure data. The course does not require any prerequisites, but it is recommended to have an understanding of discrete mathematics, algorithms, or the theory of computation.

The cryptography course by IIIT Bangalore is devised to make you ready for any IT industry as it focuses on the foundation of cryptography. In this digital age, when you deal with a colossal amount of data either in personal or professional life, a knowledge of modern cryptography can provide you with an edge over others.

Organizations not only need someone who processes data but also has an understanding of securing data. Data protection has become crucial for organizations with the new privacy law in place. Failing to fortify data while leveraging users’ data to build data-driven products can lead to steep financial losses.

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Since data is everywhere, the cryptography course by IIIT Bangalore is a must to build your foundation on cryptography. Some of the key topics covered during the 12-week-long course are — computational security, authenticated encryption, number theory, and more.

The lessons will be taught by Dr. Ashish Choudhury, associate professor at IIT Bangalore, which would be based on books like Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell and Cryptography Theory and Practice by Douglas Stinson.

The course will start on 18 January 2021, but you can register till 25 January 2021. After completing the course in the second week of April, you can also opt for certification by taking an exam after paying ₹1000. However, the exam for certification is optional. But if you opt for certification, you will only get a digital certificate instead of hard copies.

You can enroll in the Foundation of Cryptography by IIIT Bangalore course here.

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