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MIT Releases A Free Machine Learning Course

MIT releases a free machine learning course that focuses on principles, algorithms, and applications of machine learning. The 13-week long course is designed to teach supervised and reinforcement learning. 

According to the course description, the objective of the course is to understand the formulation of well-specified machine learning problems and learn how to perform supervised and reinforcement learning with images and temporal sequences.

Devised by MIT in 2020, this course is a must for enthusiasts who want to become proficient in various machine learning techniques. Along with video lessons, the course includes exercises, labs, and homework problems. This enables learners to get hands-on while learning new machine learning techniques. 

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However, there are a few prerequisites like Python, calculus and linear algebra for taking the course. But, you can start the course even if you have a knowledge of Python and learn calculus and linear algebra as you progress through the course.

Some of the key topics the course covers include feature representations, margin maximization, regression, reinforcement learning, and various neural networks.

Register for the MIT free machine learning course here.

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