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FedEx is using new Artificial Intelligence E-Commerce fulfilment system

FedEx has partnered with Berkshire Grey to develop a unique platform named RPSi, which automates most of the vital tasks in the delivery process in the e-commerce sector.

Ecommerce and business service providing company FedEx is now using artificial intelligence robotics-powered fulfillment systems. FedEx wants to revolutionize the e-commerce delivery system by deploying autonomous driving delivery robots to handle innumerous small package orders on a daily basis. 

The company has partnered with robotics solutions developer Berkshire Grey to build the Robotic Product Sortation and Identification (RPSi) system that has been on trial at FedEx Ground’s station in Queens, New York. 

The artificial intelligence system is capable of identifying, sorting, and collecting small and medium-sized packages that include polybags, tubes, padded mailers, and various other objects. Traditionally this process is done manually, which is quite time-consuming. But this new technology enables FedEx to reduce the processing and delivery time of orders drastically. 

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Managing Director of Operations Technology and Innovations at FedEx, Ted Dengel, said, “As an industry leader in technology and automation, we see the significant benefits that next-generation innovation brings in terms of enabling increased safety and productivity, enhancing customer service and improving flexibility to adjust to changing package volumes and sizes.” 

He further added that the company is satisfied with the accuracy that the artificial intelligence system has shown, and they plan to deploy it in other shipment plans of FedEx in cities like Ohio, Las Vegas, and Columbus in the near future. 

Berkshire Grey is a Massachusetts-based material handling and omnichannel fulfillment automation company founded by Tom Wagner in the year 2013. The firm specializes in developing automation solutions for the e-commerce industry using artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and novel sensing. 

Senior Vice President of Berkshire Grey, Jessica Moran, said, “With our patented HyperScanner optical identification modules, barcodes can be read from any angle in milliseconds – all without manual intervention.” She also added that their platform can seamlessly carry out the sorting process, which reduces labor costs considerably. 

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