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Europe to Launch “Crash Test” Facilities for AI to Ensure Safety

The European Union is introducing four testing and experimental centers across Europe with a motto to ensure innovations powered by Artificial Intelligence are secure before hitting the market.

Technology is emerging every day. But who will oversee these innovations? And what guarantees the content provided by AI tools is safe to use? To ensure the safety, usage, and misinformation spread by AI, European Union (EU) has planned to establish testing facilities for AI around Europe. 

With the launch of four testing facilities across Europe on Tuesday, the project already has an investment of $240 million. These crash test centers, which are physical and virtual, will start operating next year. The test centers will also help enlighten public policy on AI and support the growth of the AI industry while taking care of these technological innovations that are trustworthy and harmless.

Where innovation emerges every day, crash centers will provide space for technology providers to test Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in real-world settings within the manufacturing, food, agriculture, and healthcare sectors.

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On 27th May 2023, Ms. Lucilla Sioli, Director for AI and Digital Industry at the European Commission, highlighted the misinformation, risk, and impacts associated with AI. She explained why technology providers are expected to bring “trustworthy AI” to market and how using crash centers capabilities will help them test and validate their applications.

Meanwhile, the Technical University of Denmark is allocated to lead one of the crash test centers, and it would act as a safety filter between technology providers and users in Europe, complementing regulations such as the EU’s AI Act. Recently, the EU has taken a crucial step on the way to regulate AI that imposes new restrictions on the risk and uses of the technology. However, the European Union has always been very privacy-conscious when it comes to technology, and this one step towards crash test facilities will ensure that AI innovations are safe and trustworthy.

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