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Euler Digital acquires Independent AI Research Platform, AI Forum

Euler Digital has acquired a 100% stake in AI Forum.

Cayman Islands-based artificial intelligence company Euler Digital announces that it has acquired independent artificial intelligence research platform AI Forum in a recent deal. 

Euler Digital has acquired a 100% stake in AI Forum and plans to use the company’s expertise to bring in breakthroughs in the artificial intelligence industry. Euler Digital decentralizes Artificial Intelligence by deploying a worldwide, open eco-system for data, models, apps, computing, and products utilizing blockchain technology. 

Euler Digital Blockchain (EDB) peer-to-peer payment rails open up a world of developing technologies, many of which are meant to improve the quality of life for millions of people who suffer from debilitating health problems. 

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The company was founded by Ian Gilmour in 2021. Marketplace technologies and novel value transfer models, such as AI non-fungible tokens, are among the company’s innovations, intending to make artificial intelligence more accessible, equitable, and affordable. Euler Digital raised more than $270 thousand over its pre-seed and seed funding rounds. 

Founder of Euler Digital, Ian Gilmour, said, “As soon as we got a sniff of this deal, we knew we had to add this world-class platform to our growing portfolio. On behalf of the staff and Directors of Euler Digital, we want to thank Peyman for entrusting us with his baby.” 

He further mentioned that adding blockchain expertise opens up new possibilities in domains like EdgeAI, and they’re excited to announce the first new AI Forum relationship with Cudos. 

The firm also plans to launch its new decentralized cloud computing platform this year. Interested individuals can visit the official website to register for a free testing program and also submit their feedback.  

“AI Forum’s customers will benefit from the addition of blockchain AI knowledge, which will inevitably drive new insights and discoveries. It has been a terrific experience, and I want to thank all our customers and advisory board members for their support,” said the founder of AI Forum, Peyman Mestchian. 

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