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Dynam.AI reveals next-generation AI platform Vizlab

The artificial intelligence platform would allow ML data scientists to effortlessly develop and deploy artificial intelligence engines at scale.

Artificial intelligence solutions developing company Dynam.AI reveals its new next-generation AI platform named Vizlab. The unique AI platform identifies the needs of enterprise data scientists and provides solutions for them using artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. 

Initially, the AI platform was developed by Dynam.AI to support its internal consultative services. But now, Dynam.AI has decided to launch Vizlab commercially. 

Vizlab provides data scientists with the tools they need to create explainable AI solutions based on highly accurate analytics insights. Vizlab is an entirely customizable platform with an end-to-end AI/ML development solution, allowing data scientists to develop and deploy artificial intelligence engines at scale. 

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CEO of Dynam.AI, Diana Shapiro, said, “To put it simply, Vizlab is a game-changer for enterprises with an in-house data scientist team looking to gain actionable insights from their proprietary data, regardless of industry. We are proud to unveil our Vizlab platform as a subscription model for enterprise AI data scientists to access directly.” 

She further added that they are expecting data scientists and experts to visit the Vizlab platform and join the waitlist to get a demo of the working of the artificial intelligence-powered platform. Interested individuals can register for a demo from the official website of Vizlab.AI. United States-based artificial intelligence startup Dynam.AI was founded by Bfrank Colson in 2017. 

The firm specializes in providing AI-powered solutions to its clients according to their unique requirements. Dynam.AI has a proven track record of solving problems related to inventory optimization, customer conversions, behavioral risk, machine failure and maintenance, content optimization, and more. To date, the company has raised more than $2 million from Analytics Ventures. 

Dynam.AI has acquired a vast customer base over the spread, including industry-leading companies like Ondas Holdings, a subsidiary of American Robotics, and many others. “We’re eager to utilize the Vizlab platform to further advance and accelerate our broad portfolio of industrial inspection applications,” said CEO of American Robotics, Reese Mozer. 

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