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DoD selects Scale AI to Accelerate US Government’s AI Capabilities

Scale AI will develop T&E capabilities for the DoD putting primary focus on use cases like autonomous systems and more.

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) selects data infrastructure providing company Scale AI to accelerate the government’s artificial intelligence capabilities. Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) signed a $250 million blanket purchasing agreement with Scale AI for helping DoD to expand its AI abilities. 

According to the contract, all the federal agencies will receive complete access to the cutting-edge technology of Scale AI. This will allow government officials to solve their most critical challenges using artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. 

CEO and founder of Scale AI, Alexandr Wang, said, “AI is not a one-and-done technology, and we’re thrilled to see the JAIC embrace the continuous approach to T&E that Scale was founded on.” 

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He further added that the government’s AI initiatives would be more robust, accountable, and equitable if this framework is adopted, guaranteeing that US AI expenditures result in effective deployments of innovative, significant technologies. 

Scale AI will develop Test & Evaluation (T&E) capabilities for the DoD, focusing on use cases like autonomous systems, deep learning-based image analysis, humans augmented by machines, and methods to measure warfighter cognitive workloads, natural language processing-powered products, and many more. 

San Francisco-based artificial intelligence company Scale AI was founded by Alexandr Wang and Lucy Guo in 2016. The company specializes in providing a platform that manages the entire ML lifecycle, from data annotation and curation to model testing and evaluation, enabling any organization to effectively develop and deploy AI solutions. 

To date, the firm has raised more than $600 million from investors like Dragoneer Investment Group, Empede Capital, Durable Capital Partners, and several others. “I think Scale is very lucky where even early on we have been able to achieve meaningful business and production business with the DoD,” said Wang. He also mentioned that according to him, their federal government business is already viable.

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