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Airbnb’s AI Software blocked People from Renting Houses for Parties

The AI-system restricted more than 49,000 individuals in Florida from booking properties for house parties in 2021.

Online accommodation marketplace Airbnb says that its artificial intelligence-enabled system has blocked thousands of people from renting houses for parties in Florida, United States. The company has already officially banned rentals for parties in its properties. 

According to the company, its AI-powered computer system has restricted numerous property bookings with the potential intent of organizing house parties. When a potential party house renter tries to book a property using Airbnb, the platform automatically refuses. 

The data released by Airbnb points out that the platform had blocked nearly 49,600 interested house renters from booking a property in Florida in 2021. This includes the festive session, including Halloween, making 2021 a full year of the anti-party house program of Airbnb. 

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The company mentioned, “We believe it worked. Those weekends were generally quiet, and these initiatives were well-received by our host community.” Last year, besides restricting house parties, Airbnb also capped the maximum occupancy to up to 16 individuals. 

This move aims to minimize the chances of causing damage to listed properties and help reduce neighborhood nuisance drastically. Airbnb also launched its new 24/7 support helpline number that allows neighbors to communicate directly with Airbnb officials for enforcing house party ban. 

According to Airbnb, anyone under the age of 25 who does not have a pleasant history as a guest at an Airbnb property is prohibited from renting any full, vacant residence in the same city as the renter. No direct information is provided to renters regarding their ban, but they get notified that their desired property is unavailable. 

Additionally, the banned renters will be redirected to other available properties where the owner is present on-site, ensuring the no house parties get organized. 

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