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Dataiku Takes Its Machine Learning Platform To The Cloud

Dataiku has introduced a cloud edition of its AI development platform that will reduce the work involved in developing custom machine learning models. 

Dataiku is a New York-based company that has received $250million in funding from tech giants like Alphabet’s CapitalG venture. After secondary finance, it achieved unicorn status in 2019. 

The company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform helps companies develop machine learning models to perform many tasks like preparing training datasets.

Earlier, the customers needed to set up a dedicated infrastructure to run Dataiku’s software. The new managed edition of the software eliminates the need for any physical infrastructure as it is an entirely cloud-based service. This platform allows the customers to choose how they carry out tasks. They can develop a custom algorithm or can let the platform choose one using the AutoML feature. 

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The AutoML feature works by scrutinizing the kind of data a customer wants to process using its AI software and then finding out the best algorithm to perform the task efficiently. The software has a built-in AI library from which the desired algorithm is selected. Many organizations wish to build their custom AI algorithms. For this, Dataiku offers tools that data scientists use to develop a custom network or better known as hyperparameters. 

Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku, said, “We started developing Dataiku Online to address the needs of small and midsize businesses, in addition to startups, who don’t rely on on-premise technologies or custom clouds the way our enterprise customers do.” 

Dataiku believes that this cloud-based service will help them expand further in the industry. The company’s platform is already being used by giants like Unilever PLC. and General Electronics Co. They are currently targeting small and midsized firms as now there is no need to set up a dedicated infrastructure. 

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