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Dataiku Announces Dataiku 11 with Enhanced Tools to Scale AI

Dataiku announces the new release with enhanced automation capabilities for business users to embrace and scale AI with Dataiku 11.

AI Conference London, 2022: New York-based Dataiku announces a pivotal update to deliver enhanced AI tools via its AI and data science platform. Dataiku 11, the new release, provides more value at scale and enables more engagement with artificial intelligence. The latest version will air in July and focus on working on the company’s promise of “everyday AI.”

Clément Stenac, cofounder and CTO of Dataiku, said, “Expert data scientists, data engineers and ML [machine learning] engineers are some of the most valuable and sought-after jobs today. Yet all too often, talented data scientists spend most of their time on low-value logistics like setting up and maintaining environments, preparing data and putting projects into production.”

He further explained that Dataiku’s extensive automation in the 11th version will aid in eliminating the busy work so companies can focus on making the most of their AI investments and not on setting up logistics. 

He added, “With extensive automation built into Dataiku 11, we’re helping companies eliminate the frustrating busywork so companies can make more of their AI investment quickly and ultimately create a culture of AI to transform industries.”

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With Dataiku 11, developers get a Feature Store for sharing flows to enhance organization and accelerate the process. The updated version also offers: 

Code Studio: It is a fully automated and isolated coding environment where developers can engage with their preferred IDE/web app stack. The coding environment addresses the issue of a complex custom setup that would have been required previously. 

Seamless Computer Vision development: The update brings a visual ML interface and data labeling framework. Before the 11th version, third-party platforms were responsible for annotating data in large amounts. Currently, Dataiku 11 will provide end-to-end computer vision tasks of detecting and annotating complex objects. 

Time-series forecasting: Dataiku 11 addresses the historical analysis of company data using its no-code built-in tools for such research and forecasting. 

Besides these updates, the company unveiled several mainstream updates to generate flow documents and a central registry for data pipelines and project artifacts. The aim is to improve oversight and be in charge of model development and deployment.

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