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Dataflex: A New Low-Code Data Platform For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has announced a platform named Dataflex — a relational database that helps business developers create, organize, and handle chatbots and Power Platform apps without leaving Microsoft Teams application.

Equipped with AI capabilities and security benefits, with Dataflex, Microsoft will give its users relational data storage, rich data types, the business-level authority with a single click arrangement. Dataflex is meant to help companies leverage organizational data to make low-code apps that would solve their business problems while leaving the complexities of managing facilities behind the relational database.

Microsoft Teams has been in the fastest growing app of the company since 2018; in April 2020, it achieved 7.5 million daily active users. With Dataflex, Microsoft is all set to help business developers build their own apps for Teams.

AI capabilities

Dataflex is built on top of the Power Platform, which will enable users to embrace artificial intelligence and predictive powers of the platform. Power Automata’s AI Builder helps your systems audit structured and unstructured data from paper-based invoices, images, and other analog sources. AI Builder works with six elements in Dataflex: category classification, entity extraction, key phrase extraction, language detection, sentiment analysis, and prediction. In other words, AI Builder provides a low-code experience for using artificial intelligence and machine learning in business applications.

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Security and other Performance benefits

The Power Platform supports over 350 data connectors, thereby catering to the diverse needs of organizations. This helps business users to tie up with other business systems (SQL Server, Excel file, SharePoint list, or integrate with OneDrive or Dropbox) to reserve the data for their app or chatbot. It reduces the risk of migrating and storing data in other databases. Eliminating the need for a security expert will empower businesses to materialize their ideas rapidly. This will democratize its adoption among organizations, as it can bring value to firms quickly.

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