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Databricks Launches Free Courses on Large Language Models 

These courses are part of Databricks efforts to democratize AI and enable any organization to use it effectively.

Databricks, a leading provider of data and AI solutions, has announced the launch of two online courses on building and using Large Language Models (LLMs) on edX. These courses are part of Databricks’ efforts to democratize AI and enable any organization to use it effectively.

The LLMs program is designed to meet the growing demand for LLM-based applications, which are transforming countless industries. Through dynamic lectures, demos, and hands-on labs taught by industry leaders and researchers, you can learn how to develop and productionize LLM applications. 

The LLMs program consists of two courses: 

The first course is a 6 weeks program designed for developers, data scientists, and engineers who want to build LLM-centric applications with the latest and most popular frameworks. It covers topics such as prompt engineering, embeddings, chains, and MLOps. 

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The second course is a 5 weeks program aimed at data scientists interested in the details of foundation models and the key innovations that led to the proliferation of transformer-based models.

The courses have been developed in collaboration with Stanford Professor Matei Zaharia and the technical team that built the Databricks Dolly model. 

Course materials will be free for anyone to audit. 

Learners can also pay a nominal fee of ₹8095 to access a managed compute environment for course labs, graded exercises, and a completion certificate. 

Enrollment for the courses on edX will begin in Summer 2023. 

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