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Bengali.AI: AI Research Project in Bangla Langauge

While Google’s AI translation service works remarkably for many languages, people find it lacking in understanding Bengali nuances and expressions. Following the same thought, a non-profit organization called Bengali.AI works on making Bangla typing and translation inclusive with the help of researchers and AI professionals. 

Bengali.AI recently started its largest project called Bangla Speech Recognition. The goal is to teach computers to understand Bangla. For this, they conducted a social media campaign called the “Bok Bok Campaign.” Bangla speakers from around the world contributed their voice data to this campaign to expand the Bengali.AI voice dataset.

The idea behind Bengali.AI saw the light in 2017 when a group of students from Bangladesh started the project with a vision to push AI research in Bangla translation. Founded by Ahmed Imtiaz Humayun and his peers, the platform became the destination for those who dream. 

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While it was a novel idea, the Bengali.AI platform did not receive much recognition until late 2019, when the organization tied up with Google to launch several competitions on Bangla Graphmemes (segments of word formation). Bengali.AI could pull over 7.5m hours of research work with this collaboration.

With developments in Bengali.AI over the next few years, the platform now works like Grammarly (an American typing assistant) but for the Bengali language.

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Disha Chopra
Disha Chopra
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