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Clevered Launches India’s First Artificial Intelligence Internship Program

The AIIP is a meticulously designed 3-months course that would help students develop key skills in artificial intelligence that the industry would demand in the coming future.

Edtech company Clevered announces the launch of its new artificial intelligence internship program in India. This is the country’s first ever artificial intelligence internship program. It is a beneficial program to learn new skills that future jobs would require. 

National Education Policy 2020 also encouraged the inclusion of artificial intelligence into the standard curriculum of schools. The internship program will offer adequate theoretical knowledge along with hands-on experience practical implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. 

Clevered has collaborated with a senior researcher from Oxford University for designing this one of a kind program. It is a three months internship program that would have weekly interactive classes to teach students different aspects of artificial intelligence and its real-world applications. 

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Learners would get the opportunity to interact with world-renowned experts and researchers who would mold the learner’s mindset related to artificial intelligence that would help students to make better informed decisions regarding their careers. 

Industry leaders from Microsoft and PwC will also be a part of this program as guest speakers. They will inform students about how artificial intelligence is actually used in their respective organizations. 

The learners will also be informed about career opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Oxford University has also acknowledged this program to be very useful for students to explore future opportunities in artificial intelligence. 

Earlier this year, a seven-year-old child from UAE completed this artificial intelligence internship program becoming the youngest in the world to finish the course. Clevered will provide a letter of recommendation and certificate on completion of the course. 

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