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Cedars-Sinai Launches Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Division

Cardiovascular imaging, abrupt cardiac arrest, COVID-19, and clinical genetics are among the AIM's main priorities.

Non-profit medical center Cedars-Sinai announces the launch of its new artificial intelligence unit in its medicine division to study the deployment of AI solutions in the healthcare industry. 

Sumeet Chugh, associate director of the Smidt Heart Institute and a renowned expert in sudden cardiac arrest, is in charge of the newly formed Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) team. 

Cedars-Sinai, in collaboration with AIM, has developed a number of critical programs in which AI solutions are increasingly used. Cardiovascular imaging, abrupt cardiac arrest, COVID-19, and clinical genetics are among the AIM’s main priorities. 

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However, in the coming years, it plans to further expand its operations in multiple fields, including public health, medical, and surgical issues. 

Sumeet Chugh said, “Using a disease-based approach, AIM will enable cross-disciplinary connections between clinicians, scientists, and trainees at Cedars-Sinai at multiple levels.” 

He further added that they aspire to be innovators and stewards of patients’ healthcare interests and needs, but also, most importantly, to apply findings directly to patient care. Chugh and his colleagues are developing ethically reviewed, evaluated, validated, and implemented clinically relevant questions from the Cedars-Sinai Health System. 

The Enterprise Data Intelligence team at Cedars-Sinai, led by Mike Thompson, has a history of applying artificial intelligence to improve patient care at the hospital level. In the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, AIM recently released a study that used AI-powered algorithms to predict heart attack risk in patients who already had coronary artery disease. 

Shlomo Melmed, M.B, Ch. B, said, “Dr. Chugh has extensive experience using artificial intelligence to solve clinical problems for sudden cardiac arrest, one of our most difficult conditions.” 

He also mentioned that the new division would use the Cedars-Sinai systemwide clinical data repository to propose clinically relevant solutions to key health challenges under Chugh’s supervision.

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