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Canva Unveils World’s First All-In-One AI Design Offering on 10th Anniversary

Canva unveils Magic Studio, which includes a new suite of AI features that can automate many design tasks.

The Australian online graphic design and multimedia company—Canva—released Magic Studio to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Designed in collaboration with Runway AI, the company claims that Magic Studio is the “world’s most comprehensive AI-design platform.”

Runway co-founder and CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela’s post on X (formerly Twitter) reads: “Excited to partner with Canva. Great things are coming.”

Apart from several features that were launched back in March, including Magic Eraser, Magic Edit, and Magic Design, which use text-to-image generative AI, Canva added a host of new features. Magic Studio includes newly added tools such as Magic Morph, Magic Expand, Magic Grab, Magic Switch, and Magic Animate. These new tools are a mix of Canva’s in-house AI and as well as that of partners such as OpenAI and Google.

Alongside its new AI suite, Canva also launched Canva Shield, a suite of advanced trust, safety, and privacy tools leveraging artificial intelligence. It includes features such as customizable AI privacy settings, robust content moderation systems, and AI indemnification for eligible enterprise users.

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Canva’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Cameron Adams, stated, “We believe that AI has incredible potential to supercharge the 99% of office workers who don’t have design training or access to professional design tools.”

Canva has announced that it has set aside $200 million for the next three years to pay designers who consent to have their content used to train the company’s AI models. Anyone participating in the Creator Campaign Program will receive an initial bonus and monthly payments for as long as their content is being used.

Canva’s current embrace of AI has seen massive success, with 65 million new monthly active users in the last year and a near-doubling of its paying subscribers to 16 million. The new Magic Studio features will be restricted to paid Canva users, while free users can get a limited taste of a few of them.

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