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BUDDI AI launches World’s First Artificial Intelligence Powered RCM Platform

BUDDI AI launches a new platform named Practice.AI capable of simplifying the revenue cycle management process using artificial intelligence technologies.

Healthtech company BUDDI AI launches the world’s first end-to-end artificial intelligence-powered Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) platform. This new platform, named Practice.AI, uses a healthcare contextual lake that simplifies the RCM operations like coding, denial management, documentation, and billing and optimizes the workflow. 

This platform has simplified the complex tasks involved in the healthcare revenue cycle management process. The technology will reduce the workload on employees and enable them to focus more on value-based care. 

Practice.AI is entirely customizable according to the client’s needs and can easily be integrated with the existing workflow. With features like drag and drop workflow, Practice.AI provides a very user-friendly experience to the client. 

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Co-founder and CEO of BUDDI AI, Ram Swaminathan, said, “Until now, the healthcare RCM industry has been largely stuck in a cycle of management—managing claims, denials, and appeals as well as patients, providers, and payers. With Practice.AI, we’re disrupting that pattern and giving healthcare workers an improved, automated, and truly intelligent RCM experience to go beyond management to actively predicting, preventing, and solving your most pressing healthcare challenges.” 

Swaminathan also mentioned various features of Practice.AI, which includes smart patient registration, medical coding automation, denial prediction and prevention, claims automation, artificial intelligence-powered denial root cause analysis, web-based patient portal, payer contract management, and prior authorization identification. 

Interested individuals can request a demo session through the official website of the company. 

BUDDI AI is a New York-based healthcare technology company founded by Ram Swaminathan in the year 2005. Since its establishment, the firm had meticulously worked towards automating the RCM process. Currently, the company automates more than 2.6 million medical records every month.

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