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Blue Shield partners with Google Cloud to develop AI-powered billing solution

The partnership aims to streamline backend operations between Blue Shield and other providers to simplify medical billing using AI solutions.

Health insurance service provider Blue Shield announces partnership with Google Cloud to develop artificial intelligence-powered solutions for medical billing. The new AI solution will be able to process reimbursement claims in real-time to speed up the entire medical billing procedure. 

Both companies aim to revolutionize the digital healthcare system using artificial intelligence and machine learning software on cloud platforms with this new partnership. The software will be able to accurately provide billing information in a short amount of time. 

The new technology will help providers focus more on claims that can be reimbursed and save a lot of money in the lengthy administration process of medical billing. According to company officials, the new software will be used to streamline the back-end billing process between Blue Shield and other providers. The software will process electronic medical records and code them into digital records for billing. 

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Google Cloud director of global healthcare solutions, Aashima Gupta, said, “Our collaboration leverages the best of both companies – Blue Shield of California’s deep healthcare experience and commitment to improving the health of its communities and Google Cloud’s ability to develop and automate scalable technology.” 

Currently, the mainstream method used for medical billing is a very time-consuming and tedious task to perform. Blue Shield and Google aim to simplify the entire process with their new AI software. 

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Blue Shield, Lisa David, said, “The goal is to simplify the billing and payment process for providers so they can spend more of their time on patient care.” 

A trend in the healthcare industry can be seen as many other companies are working towards streamlining medical billing operations to make the process seamless and less time-consuming. For instance, 3M uses natural language processing solutions to automate the medical coding process through its in-house developed 360 Encompass Professional System. 

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