Monday, June 17, 2024
ad Launches Contactless Blood Pressure Monitoring System Launches Contactless Blood Pressure Monitoring System

The video-based monitoring tool uses artificial intelligence to monitor heart-rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration charge, and many more.

Video-based health and wellness monitoring platform launches its new contactless blood pressure monitoring system. The newly launched platform uses artificial intelligence technology to accurately detect the blood pressure of individuals based on video captures using smartphones, making the platform accessible to a larger customer base across the globe. 

The AI solution was revealed during the CES event held in Las Vegas, United States. Last year, during’s series B funding round, the company hinted about launching its blood pressure monitoring tool soon. 

Additionally, users can access this AI-powered video-based blood pressure monitoring tool from their laptops and tablets. It is a robust platform capable of performing several tasks, including tracking heart-rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration charge, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic exercise, pulse respiration, and many more. 

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Founder and CEO of, David Maman, said, “The ability to now add video-based blood-pressure-monitoring capabilities, using only the device’s camera, to our already robust Health Data Platform, takes us into a new frontier of what is possible for health and wellness.” 

He further added that the launch of this new platform is a step towards the company’s aim of providing essential and universally accessible health and wellness services for everyone in the world. 

The company claims the platform to be a self-assessment tool that generates results in less than a minute, making health and wellness tracking effortless for users. Interested individuals can book a demo session for the AI-powered contactless blood pressure monitoring system from the official website of

The solution will also help users drastically reduce the cost involved in medical checkups, and they can conduct simple tests seamlessly and cost-effectively using’s video-based solution.

Israel-based AI-powered health and wellness solutions providing company, was founded by David Maman, Konstantin Gedalin, and Michael Markzon in 2016. To date, the company has raised total funding of over $13 million from investors like Maverick Ventures, Global IoT Technology Ventures, and many others.

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