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Associated Press to License Its Collection of News to OpenAI

As part of the agreement, the news publisher would have access to OpenAI's technology and product experience.

According to a pact that will examine the application of generative AI in news, the Associated Press is licensing a portion of its collection of news items to OpenAI. The businesses announced the agreement on Thursday. As part of the agreement, the news publisher would have access to OpenAI‘s technology and product experience. The deal’s financial terms were not made public.

Additionally, AP remained silent about how it planned to incorporate OpenAI’s technology into its journalistic operations. The publication already automates corporate earnings reports, sports event recaps, and certain live event transcriptions.

Its vast collection of news articles will assist in supplying the enormous amounts of data necessary to train AI systems like ChatGPT, which have astounded customers and businesses with their capacity to organize vacations, sum up legal documents, and write computer code.

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“The AP feedback, along with access to their high-quality, factual text archive, will help to improve the capabilities and usefulness of OpenAI’s systems,” said Brad Lightcap, chief operating officer.

Despite AI benefits, news outlets have been sluggish to implement the technology due to worries about its propensity to provide inaccurate material as well as difficulties differentiating content created by humans from that created by computer programmes.

Some media sites already produce material using generative AI. The New York Times created a Valentine’s Day message-generator this year using ChatGPT, and BuzzFeed had previously revealed that AI would power personality quizzes on its website.

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