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Apollo launches Artificial Intelligence-powered Heart Disease Risk Prediction tool

The AI tool analyzed patients’ diet routine, physical activity, blood pressure, smoking habits, and various other characteristics to generate cardiovascular disease risk predictive scores.

India’s one of the largest hospital groups, Apollo launched its new artificial intelligence-powered tool that accurately predicts the risk of heart disease in patients. It used data gathered over the past decade from more than 400,000 patients to develop this predictive artificial intelligence tool. 

Apollo claims that the tool can detect the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients. The tool was launched in an event organized on the occasion of World Heart Day. Doctors will benefit from this tool as it will help them treat potential patients at an early stage. 

Apollo AI-powered cardiovascular disease risk tool, analyzes various aspects like the patient’s lifestyle characteristics, diet, physical activity, smoking preferences, blood pressure, anxiety, and stress to assign patients risk scores. The scores indicated the probability of patients developing cardiovascular disease. 

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Joint Managing Director at Apollo Hospitals Group, Sangita Reddy, said, “The AI tool to predict and prevent heart disease is the fruition of many years of research and development and is built on algorithms based on ten years of anonymized data collected by the team at Apollo Hospitals.” 

She further added that the tool had been validated internationally with the use of federated learning on the Microsoft Azure platform. In addition, the tool has been validated by Coronary heart+Vascular Middle at Maastricht College and King George’s Medical College, Lucknow. 

The tool also provides insight on risk contributors that can be modified to decrease cardiovascular disease risk in patients. In 2016, India accounted for one-fifth of overall deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases worldwide. This new artificial intelligence tool will empower doctors to provide “proactive, pre-emptive and preventive” care to at-risk people. 

“The Apollo AI-powered heart problems danger instrument will change that and put the data and the means to foretell and forestall coronary heart illness within the doctor’s palms,” said the Chairman of Apollo Hospitals Group, Dr. Prathap C. Reddy.

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