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Amazon Unveils new home Robot Astro

Amazon Astro is capable of aiding users in carrying out various daily tasks like home monitoring. It will be sold at a price of US$999 per unit.

Technology giant Amazon unveils its first home robot named Astro. According to the company, Astro is capable of helping customers with various daily tasks like home monitoring, connecting with family, and many others. 

The robot can be controlled by a remote when its users are not present at their homes. Astro can be used for home security purposes as it detects any movement and immediately sends a notification to users. 

Amazon has launched Astro as a ‘Day 1 Edition’ product, which means customers need to sign up, and Amazon will then send invitation links to buy the new robot. This strategy will help Amazon limit the manufacturing of the robot to avoid an unnecessary surge in demand. 

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No information has been provided regarding the official launch of Astro, but sources claim that the product will go on sale by the end of this year. Amazon has decided to sell Astro for $999 per unit. 

Astro is equipped with various safety sensors that enable it to detect any obstacle and make appropriate decisions regarding movements for avoiding damage. Chief Analyst at CCS Insights, Ben Wood, said, “Astro is a bold move by Amazon, but a logical step given its expertise in robots and desire to become more integrated into consumers’ daily lives.” 

He further added that offering products that resemble characters for Sci-fi novels prove that Amazon is indeed an innovative company. Astro can process data, including images and raw sensor data, that enables Astro to respond quickly to its environment. Astro can also recognize its users using visual ID technology. 

“I believe the Astro robot will sell out in minutes when it becomes available in the US market,” said Wood.

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