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AI to Replace Outsourced Coders in India in 2 Years, Says Stability AI CEO

His concerns are also related to India's continuing lack of strong labour legislation.

According to Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI, coders, particularly those from India, will face employment loss in the coming two years.

In an interview, Mostaque predicted that as MNCs embrace AI tools to develop, read, and review codes over the next few years, nations like India, where many IT jobs are outsourced, may face difficulties. His concerns are also related to India’s continuing lack of strong labour legislation.

In a phone conversation with a UBS analyst, Mostaque said, “Outsourced coders up to level three programmers will be gone in the next year or two. This is due to the fact that new generative AI models are like really talented grads and will displace people who spend their entire lives in front of a computer.”

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Mostaque’s current comments came a few days after he predicted that ChatGPT and other AI technologies will run offline on mobile devices by the end of the next year. Without the internet, a large number of users will be able to quickly create text or even images. 

Sam Altman of OpenAI, along with several CEOs, has frequently called for rules to protect consumers’ jobs and privacy. Similar worries have been voiced by tech behemoths like Google and Microsoft, but they contend that AI will generate new employment opportunities and that people must coexist with the technology.

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