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Accenture Acquires Tenbu to Expand Data and AI Capabilities

A team of 170 data science specialists will join Accenture’s Data and AI team within its Cloud First.

Accenture has acquired a cloud data solution provider Tenbu to aid clients with total enterprise reinforcement and expand its data and AI capabilities. The former is looking forward to welcoming over 170 data scientists with 150 certifications, who will join the data and AI team within Accenture Cloud First to optimize and accelerate growth. Accenture has been making several investments to grow its cloud capabilities, Tenbu being its 11th in Latin America in the last five years. 

Accenture Cloud First’s global leader Karthik Narain said, “Tenbu’s team will expand capabilities to help companies drive new services and resilience using data from across the cloud continuum.”

The acquisition will expand Accenture’s First capabilities through Latin America and then globally to bring industry depth and scalable innovation. Paulo Ossamu, leader of Accenture Technology in Latin America, highlighted that the changing business landscape and operating models require monetization across the cloud continuum. 

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This acquisition will help keep “different sections of clients’ organizations aligned to achieve specific business outcomes.” Tenbu’s team will focus on minimizing people’s complexities in utilizing data with its disruptive technology and a 360-degree approach. It will guide the clients through the entire cloud data journey. 

CEO Carlos Pinto said, “Joining the Accenture Cloud First team will enable us to bring our specialized skills to help clients make smart, well-informed decisions that generate value.” He added that the acquisition is a massive growth opportunity for Tenbu’s people by integrating with Accenture Cloud First and exploring business opportunities across the Accenture business.

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