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YouTube to Add Generative AI Tools, says new CEO

Mohan hinted that Google would continue to exercise some reflexive caution when it comes to AI.

Google’s YouTube will add new generative AI capabilities to its video-sharing platform as the internet giant scrambles to compete with rivals in the field of artificial intelligence like OpenAI and Microsoft, both of which have released their own user-friendly AI chatbots and image-creating services.

“The power of AI is just beginning to emerge in ways that will transform video and make the seemingly impossible conceivable,” Neal Mohan said on Wednesday in his first letter to the YouTube community since taking over as the company’s CEO last month. 

He stated that “in the next months,” YouTube producers will be able to digitally change their clothing in videos or build “fantastical film settings” using AI’s generative powers.

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There is growing pressure on Google to deliver generative AI solutions, which are services that can produce fresh visuals or extensive text answers based on data ingested from the internet and other digital sources. Despite the fact that Google has long been regarded as a leader in artificial intelligence research, some have argued that the corporation has been too sluggish to release its own tools and services that are suitable for general use.

Mohan hinted that Google would continue to exercise some reflexive caution. He emphasised that the business would take its time developing its generative AI features “with deliberate guardrails” and “protections to embrace this technology responsibly” while addressing the YouTube community.

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