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What Makes Instagram Video Marketing so Effective?

Instagram is a popular social media platform that doubles up as an effective marketing space for brands and businesses. Video advertising on Instagram has helped many small businesses and brands to grow and amplify their visibility. Instagram creates opportunities for businesses to reach out to their target audience and fulfill their marketing goals.

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly accounts. It is a visual platform that attracts and engages the audience with aesthetic photos and well-curated videos. With new tools and in-built features, Instagram allows users to advertise their business through short and long-form video content. Most brands are flocking toward using Instagram video marketing to create higher engagement with customers.

Instagram Marketing and its Benefit for the Businesses

Videos are becoming increasingly popular as they visually represent a business. The Instagram algorithm is one of the promising reasons for businesses to adopt video marketing. The latest algorithm of Instagram supports video content more than a static image. Here are a few reasons to opt for video marketing on Instagram.

Increase brand awareness and visibility

Engagement on Instagram is on the higher side and is a determining factor for enhancing brand discovery. Instagram’s built-in tools help create videos and reels to attract viewers’ attention. The short-form reels relay information and educates or entertain the viewers with the content. Videos are visually appealing, which makes their views and visibility higher. Here are some videos on Instagram that make a brand more discoverable.

  • Videos show a glimpse of a product or new service while keeping the mystery element intact.
  • DIY videos or reels that concise the message or information in a few seconds
  • Tell an emotion-evoking story about the brand, real people, or sourcing
  • Record behind the scene like packaging, production, and how packages are shipped
  • Entertaining videos that are fun and make the audience happy

As per the Algorithm of Instagram, videos are optimized for higher reach. An effective way to leverage and improve brand awareness is to post videos with a catchy and creative thumbnail, use relevant hashtags, and add trending music.

Ease of creating videos for Instagram

There are various formats of video for uploading on Instagram. Each category of video has its relevance. With the in-built tools, it has become easy to trim and edit the video using the app. Online video editors have templates for creating Instagram-centric videos. The Instagram story maker allows you to choose from thousands of in-built templates and customize the video. Here are versatile forms of videos for uploading on Instagram.

  • Reels are short-form, vertical videos of up to 60 seconds. It is one of the most trending forms of video on Instagram, allowing brands to use their creativity and give the audience a visual experience.
  • Instagram ad videos are perfect for a highly targeted audience. It helps in promoting a business or brand at an affordable cost. Brands use story ads, reels ads, and in-feed post ads to maximize their reach.
  • Long videos are perfect for answering Q&A, product demos, or simply explaining a particular service or product. It is beneficial for spreading awareness and educating people about a brand.
  • Instagram stories create a sense of urgency as the stories disappear after 24 hours. It is perfect for showing behind-the-scenes, real-time work, etc., about a business.
  • Instagram Live is another form of video content that helps connect with the audience in real time. Instagram Live is a raw and authentic way of communicating with the audience. It is an excellent platform for organizing online events, live launches, and organize Q&A.

Create better customer engagement via videos

Instagram was primarily used as a static photo-sharing app, but gradually, it has grown with time to become a marketplace. Videos on Instagram are known to create better customer engagement, and a brand’s aesthetic videos on Instagram influence the buying decision for a brand. People constantly scroll through the Instagram feed, making it a solid platform for discovering businesses. Instagram as a platform is great for showcasing the brand through creative and informative video content.

The use of intriguing video content combined with an interesting caption helps grab people’s attention. Tagging people or brands on the Instagram video and resharing the video helps in reaching new prospective customers. Geotagging in the video is another way to multiply the reach of the business.

Make a stronger purchase decision

Most purchase decisions from online brands are fueled by online reviews and how well the product or service is presented. Video presentation provides a window to showcase the product or service interestingly and interactively. Instagram video ads allow brands to target potential buyers through their feeds. Customers prefer watching videos rather than reading content to make a purchase decision. Videos help in breaking down and explaining the features of a new product.

A powerful feature of the Instagram video is embedding a CTA (call-to-action). It is a powerful feature that redirects the customers to the land page or online shopping site. The CTAs are easy to add at the bottom of the video ads, redirecting the customers to shop for the product. As CTA redirects the customers, users spend more time browsing products and services, creating a sales funnel.

Increase the rate of conversion

Instagram videos are an excellent way of lead conversion, increase sales, and hence overall revenue stream for the business. Instagram video marketing is a subtle way of converting leads instead of making hard sales. Brands create fun and educational videos that generate people’s interest in the brand. Brand collaboration with an Instagram influencer is an excellent marketing strategy for increasing conversion rates.

Brands collaborate with influencers and create branded videos that help in increasing brand awareness and amplifying the reach. As influencers create videos and tag the brands, it reaches millions of people, increasing overall sales.

Create Targeted Advertising

Instagram allows video ads, a great way to advertise the brand to the target audience. Sponsored or targeted ads with interesting, creative content reach the right demographics, improving the overall sale. It is an affordable way to continue reaching the target buyers or prospective customers. The ads are perfect for customizing the demographics like age group, location, gender, etc.

Partner and Team up with Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is a new form of marketing that helps people grow their reach and improve their branding. Influencers are those who have thousands to millions of followers on social media. Instagram influencers work on either barter or paid marketing campaigns for promoting a particular brand. Influencers tag and promote the brand and market it in front of a large audience. It is indeed one of the fastest ways for brands to increase visibility. Work on video campaigns with influencers or ask for a shoutout in exchange for sending them free products to grow your brand.

Tips for Video Marketing Using Instagram 

There are millions of videos uploaded on Instagram every single day. However, the following tips and tricks are required to increase the videos’ engagement rate. Creating a robust marketing strategy for Instagram videos is pivotal for connecting with the audience better. The changes in the Algorithm undoubtedly support video content and make it a valuable platform for brands. Here are some tips for creating impeccable video content for Instagram.

  • Vertical short-form content like reels is trending these days. So, create entertaining reels with trending music. Follow the latest trends for creating viral videos.
  • Upload Instagram videos to explain in depth a product or service. People scroll through Instagram, an excellent way to educate customers about a particular brand or product.
  • One of the efficient ways to make a video go viral is to use relevant hashtags with the videos. This makes the videos discoverable and helps make videos go viral.
  • A good way to redirect people to an online website or shopping site to increase sales is by adding CTA to the videos. A call-to-action button is a powerful way to turn the viewers into potential customers.
  • As a brand, always keep posting relevant Instagram stories. It helps create better engagement and reminds people of new products, services, or existing things. It acts as an incredible tool for interacting with the audience.
  • Preferably use an attractive thumbnail or image picture for the reels to grab the people’s attention.

Final Words 

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms with a higher engagement rate, billions of active users, and a great place for brands to connect with their target audience. Instagram marketing through videos has substantially grown small businesses into big ones. Many brands started their marketing and promotion on Instagram and became big household names. Videos are visually appealing, convey a story, influence purchase decisions, and drive organic traffic to the brand website.

Instagram videos in all forms, like reels, Instagram videos, Live videos, Stories, etc., are backed and supported by the latest Algorithm of Instagram. It is a great platform for creating and sharing innovative, entertaining, engaging, and informative content. The blog summarizes tips and benefits of adopting video marketing via Instagram.

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