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What is digital marketing and what is it for? Advantages of doing digital marketing

You may be wondering what is digital marketing and how does it work? What can it bring to me? This article is the fundamental pillar, so once you know what digital marketing consists of, you can learn more about it throughout the rest of the articles I have written on this blog.

What is digital marketing and what does it mean

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the implementation of a series of strategies carried out by a company, depending on the digital means available to execute the commercial objective that has been sent successfully, either:

  • Increase the database of your subscribers.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Generate new professional relationships.
  • Increase the reputation of the company.

All those objectives and many others that you can think of is done through digital means, either; Social networks, website, blog, advertising videos, email, ebooks, or podcasts. Digital marketing is an extension of traditional marketing, where the latter occurs in the physical world and not online.

What does a digital marketing specialist do

A digital marketing specialist can study, plan, structure and direct the online marketing plan and carry it out through digital tools depending on the technological possibilities available to the company that wants to launch the product.

Online marketing is used to position your products or services above your competitors so that what you offer becomes the best decision for your target audience. The purpose of digital marketing is to use your available means, be it a web page or blog, or social networks. To make yourself known, get visits, generate a brand image, with the final goal of selling.

Those who use digital marketing

Online marketing can be used by any professional who has access to the internet and is digitized since, without any online presence, it is impossible to lay the foundations to carry out online marketing actions.

Creating a website or being on social media does not mean you are performing digital marketing tasks. If you do not focus your content on a goal or objective and do not carry out market, sector, or competitor research. You will only create content without any purpose.

That is why it is very important to have a digital marketing specialist to help you map out a route to achieving your goals. Another option that many professionals do, is to train in digital marketing courses to have some knowledge and then apply it themselves to their companies.

Examples of those who use digital marketing:

  • freelancers
  • Micro SME.
  • SME.
  • multinationals
  • Local businesses.

Benefits of doing digital marketing

The advantages of online marketing are extensive. To name them, I want to make a list of them:

1.     Worldwide presence

It is clear that not everyone is going to see you, but the possibility that users will see you and meet you beyond your neighborhood or country is existent. It has never been so “simple” that your company is visible worldwide. For example, suppose you are from Spain. In that case, you open a new window of your business to the Latin American market, being able to get in touch with people from Mexico and Argentina. And they are new business opportunities as long as your product or service is Prepared for this type of hearing.

2.     You can focus on who you want to target

Unlike traditional media, where your promotion often reaches people who are not interested in you at all, you can focus on your targeted clients. With online marketing, you can segment what type of audience you want to reach. In this way, you can create content 100% focused on them, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

3.     Measure your actions and check your evolution

In traditional media, if you have a billboard on the street, more people may be watching or listening to you. Still, many are people who are not very qualified for your business and, in addition to offering you very poor data or when it comes to measuring the performance of your promotion.

What data do you get from an advertisement placed at the bus stop? Correct, none, while many actions you do in the online world can be measured, for example, knowing how many impressions you have, what is the reach of a publication, how long on average they watch a video, and what percentage of people open your newsletter. Measuring is powerful, and with online marketing, it is possible.

4.     Do not SPAM

SPAM is everywhere, that’s true, but it’s not as intrusive as traditional marketing. Who hasn’t received an unwanted business call at lunch or nap time? Many companies indeed misuse email digitally. At least, the good part is that it is you who decides when to pay attention to that email or not. Even so, it is poorly done. It is not something that he recommends, so do not take it as an excuse.

5.     Communicate with your audience

It is one of its strengths. At the end of every company or brand are people, and followers want to be able to talk to them. With digital marketing, you will have many options for talking to your audience.

6.     Greater budget flexibility

Online marketing can be adapted to each company’s situation since personalized actions are carried out according to the situation of each business. While advertising in traditional media with a national circulation, such as television, can be financially far for many businesses, digital marketing can reach a qualified audience nationwide and with a lower budget.

All this must be said that prices usually vary when carrying out an online marketing strategy depending on the objective, market situation and the type of sector.


Now that you have learned online marketing and how it works, you can understand the importance of applying it to your business. You will give it more importance living in a time of economic uncertainty that, added to the great competition that businesses have today due to the digitization and available media, makes having a good digital marketing plan essential today.

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Ratan Kumar
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