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Xinhua News Agency - China

China’s Xinhua News Agency introduced two AI anchors, one of which is modeled after its regular news presenter Zhang Zhao. The anchor debuted at the World Internet Conference in the country’s eastern Zhejiang Province.

India Today - India

On March 30, India Today debuted the country’s first-ever AI news anchor. Known as “Sana,” the anchor made her Aaj Tak debut on the programme Black & White with journalist Sudhir Chaudhary.

Power TV - South India

Power TV launched the first AI news presenter in South India as artificial intelligence news presenters began to appear in the Indian TV news market. The AI presenter was given the name Soundarya by the management.

Odisha TV - Odisha

By introducing the state’s first AI news anchor Lisa, Odisha Television Limited (OTC), a well-known Odia news network, joined the list of businesses embracing artificial intelligence to improve their service production

TVOne - Indonesia

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic state, also introduced three AI news anchors. TVOne, one of Indonesia’s most-watched broadcast channels, introduced three virtual presenters named Nadira, Sasya, and Bhoomi.

FTV News - Taiwan

Taiwan’s FTV News has recently introduced an AI weather presenter for a two-minute forecast on July 3. It came following six months of development. The AI presenter is yet to be named.

Astro Awani - Indonesia

Two AI avatars were introduced in May this year by Indonesia's leading broadcast news organizations, Astro Awani. Joon is an AI avatar that appears on Astro Awani’s channel 501. Monica joins the Agenda AWANI talk show discussion every night on the same day.

Kuwait News - Kuwait

A media outlet in Kuwait launched its first virtual news presenter using artificial intelligence. Named "Fedha," the AI anchor made her debut on the Twitter account of Kuwait News.

Channel 24 - Aparajita

Bangladesh has witnessed its first-ever artificial AI news anchor named Aparajita. The anchor joins the 7pm bulletin of the private television channel Channel 24, where it delivers news every Wednesday.

News 1st Kannada - Karnataka

News 1st Kannada announced an AI-based Meta-human news anchor named AI Maya. AI Maya will be a regular presence on News 1st Kannada, appearing on a daily basis.



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