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Boosteroid is one of the best browser-based cloud gaming services that enables players to play many famous AAA titles remotely.

PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Plus cloud gaming service consists of more than 800 games that get unlocked after players pay for the subscription.


NetBoom provides a full-fledged cloud gaming experience with all significant AAA titles on mobile devices.


Playkey uses blockchain technology rather than centralized servers for its cloud gaming servers. Playkey comes as a compromised service for both crypto miners and gamers.


Blacknut is a cost-effective cloud gaming service with an intuitive, easy-to-use application interface. The application interface has a two-week free trial to let players use it.

Jio Games Cloud

JioGamesCloud is a cloud gaming platform that offers an extensive and ever-evolving games catalog for gamers in India.

Ant Play

Unlike other Cloud Gaming Services, AntPlay gives users a powerful Gaming RIG without any limits. Users can play any game without worrying about data problems.



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