Data Analytics

Courses in India

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Data Analytics Certification Training Course

This course provides new upskilling opportunities and covers technologies like Excel,  SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Basics of R, and Python.

Data Analytics for Business Strategy: Essential Tools and Applications

This course teaches marketing applications, customer research and insights, retail and sales, and digital marketing.

CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

This program offers a hands-on curriculum, a dual mentorship model, career coaching, and an active student community.

Data Analytics and Reporting

The course offers students an introduction to data, various steps involved in preprocessing, and the tools used for data analysis.

Healthcare Management and Analytics

Developed by IIM Kozhikode, this course enables you to learn new-age tools and analytics skills to improve healthcare solutions.

Google Data Analytics Course

This course teaches critical analytical skills such as data cleaning, analysis, and visualization, along with spreadsheets, R programming, and Tableau.



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