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Introduction to Machine Learning in Production

In this course, you will learn to identify various components and design an ML production system end-to-end.

AI for Everyone

The syllabus of this course includes the basics of AI, building API projects, and AI in businesses and society. The entire duration of this course is 12 hrs.

Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification

This course teaches how to build ML models in Python using popular ML libraries like Numpy and scikit-learn.

Advanced Learning Algorithms

This course teaches you to build and train the neural network with TensorFlow to perform multi-class classification.

Unsupervised Machine Learning: Recommenders, Reinforcement Learning

This course teaches you unsupervised machine learning techniques like clustering and anomaly detection.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Being the first step in the deep learning specialization, it teaches you the foundational concepts of neural networks and deep learning.

Improving Deep Neural Networks

With this course, you can learn the best practices to train and develop test cases and analyze variance for building deep learning applications.

Structured Machine Learning Projects

This course teaches you to build successful machine learning projects and practice decision-making.

Convolutional Neural Networks

With this course, you will understand how computer vision has evolved and become popular with its exciting applications, like face recognition, and more.

Sequence Models

In this course, you will learn sequence models and their applications, like music synthesis, chatbots, machine translation NLP, and speech recognition.



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