A Data Science Internship?

How To Land 



Finding an internship in data science can be tough. Here are a few tips that can help you land your dream internship in the data science domain.

Programming And Courses


Learn any programming language be it Python or R and become proficient by practicing on platforms like HackerRank. Use platforms like Udacity, edx, and Coursera to learn.

Certifications Not Necessary


A misconception among data science aspirants is that they think certifications are necessary to get internships. Organizations want skills, not certifications.

Build Portfolio


Showcase your worth with data science projects. Doing a few projects that require efforts from the ground-up will strengthen your position to receive internship offers.

Avoid Relying On Internship Portals


Thousands of people apply on internship/job portals. If you follow others and rely only on job portals, you will fail to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Use LinkedIn


Use LinkedIn to share your data science learning/project through posts. This will increase your visibility among decision-makers and help you to get an internship offer.

Be a Problem Solver


“A data scientist is a problem solver, not only a Python programmer,” said Chiranjiv Roy. Do not waste your time searching for the best programming language that leads nowhere.



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