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Hacking with Python – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


Hacking with Python is a book written by Steve Tale and is publicly available on the internet. The guide will teach you the correct way of using Python to create hacking tools. It will also teach how to utilize all the available resources developed using the programming language. The book doesn’t require readers to have prior experience with Python, as it focuses on the basic concepts of programming with Python.

Developing Ethical Hacking Tools With Python


Developing Ethical Hacking Tools with Python is a free online course offeredby Cybrary. The course will teach how to combine multiple Python libraries related to cybersecurity, which will enable learners to build automated information gathering processes. The course will also teach the proper way of coding a keylogger and how to develop a ZIP password bruteforcer using Python.

Python for Ethical Hacking – Beginners to Advanced Level


Python for Ethical Hacking is a free online course developed by Mindsmapped. It is a three-hour-long video course having three modules. The modules are further divided into smaller sections to help learners to watch them over a period of time. The hacking with python course has been instructed by Alexis Ahmad. He is the founder and CEO of a leading cybersecurity consultancy, HackerSploit

Complete Python Hacking Tutorial


This is a complete three and a half-hour long online video course available for free on YouTube. The course will teach the learner many important topics regarding hacking with Python, which includes Virtual Box installation, Guest additions installation, Kali Linux installation, Python in Kali terminal, stealing saved wireless passwords, and saving passwords in a file. The video is available on a YouTube channel named Joseph Delgadillo.

How to learn Ethical Hacking with Python and Kali Linux course


It is an eleven-hour online video course that features a pre-assessment quiz having questions from various concepts involved in ethical hacking to test the knowledge of the learner. The course requires the learners to have a basic knowledge of information technology. The video course talks about the fundamentals of risk management and duster recovery.

Learn Python and Ethical Hacking From Scratch


This is a unique comprehensive course for beginners who are planning to learn ethical hacking using Python. The course has been meticulously designed by an expert ethical hacker and computer scientist, Zaid Sabih. No prior knowledge of Python is required to pursue this course. It mainly focuses on the practical usage of Python but also briefly ponders about the theory section.

Python Hacking Course


This is also a free online video course available on YouTube on the channel Aleksa Tamburkovski. It is a four hour-long detailed course that even beginners can join. The course is carefully divided into six sections. In the first section, the course will teach learners about the virtual box, Kali Linux, and how to install pycharm in Kali Linux.



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