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Food Startups in India Using

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Swiggy has integrated AI to optimize its delivery process to accurately predict delivery times and identify the most efficient routes. This ensures speedy deliveries and high customer satisfaction.


Zomato uses AI to analyze customer preferences, order history, and ratings to provide personalized restaurant recommendations. This enhances the user experience.


Fasoos, a quick-service restaurant chain, has adopted AI for efficient inventory management. By analyzing historical data, the AI system can predict demand patterns and optimize stock levels.

Rebel Foods

Rebel Foods, known for its cloud kitchen model, employs AI and machine learning to automate various kitchen tasks, from monitoring food quality to managing kitchen workflows.

The Yellow House

The Yellow House is a robot-based restaurant in Noida that uses an AI robot named 'Ruby’ to deliver their food within minutes as the data from each table is fed into each robot., a health and wellness startup, uses AI to create personalized meal plans for customers based on their health requirements, dietary restrictions, and food preferences.


Named ‘Robot’, it is a Chennai-based restaurant that uses robot waiters to place your order on your table. Once the order is prepared, the food is delivered by designated robot waiters.

Mechanical Chef

It’s a Bengaluru-based startup that uses AI technology to cook various dishes. The prototype of the cooking robot can be seen whirling, spinning, and measuring the ingredients to create the perfect recipe.

Mukunda Foods

Using AI technologies, the company has manufactured five machines viz. Dosamatic, Wokie, Rico, Eco-Fryer, and E-Pan that are able to cook various global cuisines such as Indian, Chinese etc.

Butler ‘O’ Bistro

This restaurant was launched by SP Robotic Works in 2017 in Chennai and now it serves food in Bangalore's VR mall. When the food is ready, it is brought to the customer by the robot in minutes.



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