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If you want to learn more about Power BI, here are some of the best Power BI courses to help you master data analytics with Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI: Complete Introduction

With this course, you can learn all the Power BI editions, like the desktop, cloud, and the premium version of Power BI.

Complete Introduction to Power BI

This course by Ian Littlejohn on Udemy teaches you how to import, transform, and visualize data with Power BI practical exercises and case studies.

Effective Reporting with Power BI

This course on Pluralsight can help you gain a basic understanding of building effective and engaging reports with the Power BI desktop.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence

In this course, you will learn how to create professional quality business intelligence reports from scratch.

Power BI A-Z: Hands-On Power Training For Data Science

This course teaches you about Microsoft Power BI for data science and analytics, and how to build visualizations, and BI reports.

Microsoft Power BI: Up and Running with the Power BI Desktop

In this course by Maven Analytics, Aaron Parry, you can master the Power BI service and learn advanced data analysis and visualization.

Power BI for Excel Users- Work Smarter, Grow Faster

In this course, you will use Microsoft Power BI with Excel to differentiate between good and insufficient data.

Power BI Essentials 2021: Power BI Training and DA-100 Prep

Created by Grant Gamble, this course teaches you how to use Power BI Desktop to import, model data, and create reports.

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

While going through this course, you can become confident working with data, creating data visualizations, and preparing dashboards and reports.

Power BI Certification Training Course

The course enables you to master Microsoft Power BI and teaches it's architecture, mobile apps, desktop, service, reports, and visualizations.

Data Driven Decisions with Power BI

The Data-Driven Decisions with Power BI course on Coursera gives you a basic conceptual understanding of Power BI desktop and Power BI service.



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