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UK Govt launches Future of UK Defense Artificial Intelligence

A new Defense AI Center (DAIC) will be established to promote, empower, and innovate AI technologies.

The government of the United Kingdom announced a plan for the future of UK artificial intelligence defense technology. The new strategy was unveiled during the recently held London Tech Week AI Summit. 

According to officials, a new Defense AI Center (DAIC) will be established to promote, empower, and innovate AI technologies throughout the UK Armed Forces with speed and ambition, based on the strategy and associated policy on ‘Ambitious, Safe, and Responsible’ AI usage. 

The Defense AI Strategy outlines how the United Kingdom will prioritize research, development, and experimentation to transform the country’s Armed Forces capabilities through innovative concepts and cutting-edge technology. This new development will help the UK in delivering the most up-to-date equipment to the battlefield via effective, efficient, and dedicated routes. 

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Defense Procurement Minister, Jeremy Quin, said, “Future conflicts may be won or lost on the speed and efficacy of AI technology, and our approach to AI must be rapid, ambitious, and comprehensive.” 

Quin further added that their new Defense AI Center (DAIC) and AI strategy would provide a dedicated center to advocate these technologies, working ethically with human judgments to keep the UK at the forefront of global security and responsible innovation. Soldiers on the front lines directed by smart systems relying on hours of detailed footage taken by a series of tiny drones are a few examples of the ideas that the government has. 

Moreover, the government also released a policy on the “Ambitious, Safe, and Responsible” use of AI, which was developed in collaboration with the Center for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) and included new efforts for AI in defense. 

Head of Dstl’s Cyber and Information Systems Division, Dr. Paul Kealey, said, “AI has the potential to provide significant benefits across Defence from the back-office to the Front Line, and I’m delighted we are working with Kainos – a brand new supplier who will bring specialist expertise and experience as a leader in the civil world into defense.”

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