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Top Statistics Institutes in India 2022

India has been a major hub for statistical education and research since decades. This article lists some of the top statistics institutes in India.

The discipline of statistics concerns the collection, organization, interpretation, analysis, and presentation of data. The practice of applied statistics, which is the root of data analysis, involves the analysis of data to help better define and determine organizational needs. Today, applied statistics and its applications are employed in various fields, including information technology, medicine, finance, engineering, marketing, accounting, business, etc. 

Famous statisticians like Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, C.R. Rao, and Debabrata Basu have contributed profoundly to the field of statistics. India has been a major hub for statistical education and research for decades. This article lists some of the top statistics institutes in India. However, the numbering is not necessarily the institute ranking or an order of preference.

  1. Hindu College, New Delhi

Hindu College is one of the most popular statistics institutes in India. Course offerings include BSc and MSc in statistics. The college is a constituent of Delhi University and was established in 1899, making it one of India’s oldest offering statistics courses. The statistics department at Hindu College was the first in its league at the undergraduate level at Delhi University. The statistics department has committed faculties who specialize in various academic fields related to statistics, including stochastic modeling, inference, biostatistics prediction theory, etc. Besides regular teaching, the faculty is also involved in research projects and publishing books. 

  1. Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi

Lady Shri Ram College for Women is counted among the top statistics institutes in India. The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program in the department of statistics offers an exciting space to study the quantitative aspects of the biological, social, and physical sciences. The courses focus on the crucial role of statistics in diverse areas and its vitality in finance, marketing, and strategy-making. Students are given the training to acquire tools in the fields of statistical methods, applied statistics, and analysis. The courses also teach students rigorous methods and techniques to sift through a plethora of data and comment on it in a skilled manner. The emphasis of the teaching-learning process at LSR College is mainly on relating statistical concepts to real-world examples that are familiar to students.

  1. Loyola College, Chennai

Loyola College, one of the top statistics colleges in India, is affiliated with the University of Madras. Loyola College’s statistics department was established as an undergraduate department in 1959. The department was upgraded to a postgraduate department in 1982 with the introduction of the MSc Statistics program. The department further advanced to a research department with the introduction of the M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in statistics. The statistics department faculty is well qualified to teach allied and elective courses and provide consultancy services. The department has witnessed many outstanding students with university rankings. Loyola college is a private higher education institution that is run by the Society of Jesus in Chennai.

  1. Madras Christian College, Chennai

Madras Christian College (MCC) is another name on the list of top statistics colleges in India. Course offerings include BSc, MSc, PhD, and MPhil in Statistics. The college is affiliated with the University of Madras, although it functions as an autonomous institute from its main campus in Chennai. The statistics department at MCC was established in 1969. However, the undergraduate course in statistics was started back in 1962. The department offers courses with a comprehensive combination of computer applications, statistics, operational research, and managerial economics. The department has a well-equipped laboratory named Gift Siromoney Statistical Computing Laboratory. One of the salient features of the statistics department is the practical training provided to the students through the conduction of socio-economic and tribal surveys and public opinions.

  1. Presidency College, Chennai

Presidency College is one of the oldest statistics institutes in India. The department of statistics of the college is one of the pioneering departments in the south of India. The college introduced the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in statistics in 1960. The intake of students at present for UG is 24 and 18 for PG. Currently, the college is also offering research degrees, including MPhil and PhD. During the last five decades, the statistics department has produced several eminent personalities in both professional and academic domains. The research scholars and teachers of the department have made notable contributions in several areas of research, multivariate data analysis, including quantitative management, sample surveys, quality assurance, model building, etc.

  1. Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata, is one of the premium statistics institutes in India. It was created out of the statistical laboratory established by Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis in Kolkata’s Presidency College. Established in 1931, this esteemed institution is one of India’s oldest institutes focused on statistics. Indian Statistical Institute offers varied undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programs. The bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in statistics at ISI, commonly known as BStat and MStat, are flagship programs of the college that are acclaimed internationally. Research activities at the institute are organized under several broad disciplines. Research scholars, students, faculty members, and scientists at the institute work on a diverse range of problems in the statistics field. 

  1. Fergusson College, Pune

Fergusson College, Pune is one of the top statistics colleges in India that offers various courses in the stream of computational sciences like statistics. Course offerings include BSc and BA in statistics. The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Statistics degree at Fergusson College is focused on the interpretation of numerical data and statistical analysis. The statistics department of the college was established in 1956. Various distinguished statisticians, including Dr.Y.S. Sathe, Dr. Badhe, Dr. Huzurbazar, Dr. B.K.Kale and Dr. A.V.Kharshikar have delivered lectures at the institute. Talks and lectures on core statistical concepts, innovative topics in statistics, and their applications in diverse fields are regularly held by the Statistics Association of the college.

  1. IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur is another name on the list of esteemed statistics institutes in India. The Mathematics and Statistics department of IIT Kanpur shares the vision of achieving excellence in teaching and research. The institute offers MSc and PhD programs in statistics. The courses in statistics at IIT Kanpur are designed to cultivate mathematical interests, motivate research in mathematical sciences, cultivate mathematical taste, and train computational scientists to enable them to work on challenging real-life problems. The department’s faculty have written more than 40 research monographs and textbooks. Moreover, the research contributions made by the facilities of the statistics department are noteworthy. Over the years, IIT Kanpur has evolved into one of the premier departments in the country, providing excellent teaching and research in Statistics.

  1. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, is counted among the prestigious statistics colleges in India. BSC in statistics. The statistics department at St. Xavier’s was started back in the late fifties. The alums have been placed in top multinational companies in several domains, including insurance, finance, risk management, portfolio analysis, and statistical software development. St. Xavier’s College’s Mumbai campus offers BSc and BA degrees in statistics. During 1987-88, six statistics units were offered at a three-year BSc level. In 1989-90 three statistics units were introduced at the three-year BA level. The statistics department was selected for the DBT Star Scheme in the year 2017. The college is affiliated with the University of Mumbai. It also offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in commerce and management.

  1. Ramjas College, New Delhi

Ramjas College is another name on the list of well-known statistics colleges in India. The college provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees under the purview of the University of Delhi. The department of statistics offers comprehensive BSc and MSc degrees in statistics. The department of mathematics and statistics of Ramjas College boasts of its state-of-the-art laboratory and well-stocked library. Since its inception, the department has played a dominant role in the evolution of modern theories of statistics and mathematics. The department also boasts of a remarkable record of a large number of student placements in renowned companies and organizations over the past several years.

  1. PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore

PSG College of Arts and Science (PSG CAS) is one of the top statistics institutes in India. It was founded by G. R. Damodaran in 1947. The college’s course offerings include BSc and MSc in statistics. The department has a well-equipped statistical computing laboratory with 56 terminals that allow students to work independently of each other. The computer system supports the standard statistical softwares such as SYSTAT, STATA, SPSS, and R Language. The students will have ample opportunities at the college to get fully trained in using these softwares, which can guarantee immediate placement after graduation. One of the salient features of the department is the practical training, both manual and computer-based, provided by way of conducting socio-economic surveys and public opinions with NSSO. 

  1. Christ University Bangalore, Bangalore

Christ University, Bangalore, is undeniably one of the top statistics institutes in India and is well renowned for its quality education. It is a deemed-to-be university. The course offerings include BSc in statistics and actuarial science. The department of statistics at Christ University intends to provide a dynamic research environment and practical education, including excellent training in scientific data collection, data management, and data analysis methods in different areas of statistics. The department offers a profound interplay between application, computation, and theories of statistics. It provides a dynamic combination of pure and applied statistics with quality software skills, allowing students to participate successfully in professional environments by gaining knowledge.

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