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Top Cybersecurity Presentations

Today, organizations are affected by cyberattacks like malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle attack, SQL injection attacks, and more. Due to such attacks, organizations’ systems, programs, and networks are damaged. Therefore, to avoid cyberattacks, organizations follow specific cybersecurity methods. If you are looking for an overview of cybersecurity and its practices, this article will help you with some of the best cybersecurity presentations.

Top Presentations on Cybersecurity

Listed below are some essential and primarily used cybersecurity presentations.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Olivier Busolini published Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity presentation in March 2019, he is a cybersecurity professional working with AI in cybersecurity. This presentation provides a basic introduction to AI, an overview of AI technologies, machine learning technologies, basics of deep learning, difficulties faced during building AI solutions, and tips for cybersecurity strategy.

This presentation also includes an introduction to red and blue AI technologies and a list of organizations that are using AI to follow cybersecurity practices to secure their information. Therefore, with AI and Cybersecurity presentations, learners can get a brief idea of cybersecurity solutions.

Link to the PPT: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

2. AI and the impact on Cybersecurity

Published in October 2019, the AI and impact on Cybersecurity presentation by Graham Mann cover the explanation of what AI is and its impact on cybersecurity. The presentation includes content like the importance of AI, cloud computing, machine learning algorithms, and blockchain. It also consists of statistics on cyberattacks in 2018, cyber targets in 2019, and AI-assisted cyberattacks. 

With the AI and its impact on Cybersecurity presentation, you will know the potential of AI technology and its impact on cyberattacks and cybersecurity practices. This presentation also briefs you about AI and the laws associated with it.

Link to the PPT: AI and the impact on Cybersecurity

3. How can AI help in Cybersecurity

This presentation was published by Priyanshu Ratnakar, who is the Founder, Director, and CEO of Protocol X, in March 2021. It provides a brief idea of AI in cybersecurity and is suitable for every person who wants to learn how AI can help in cybersecurity. The presentation consists of topics like the basics of AI, machine learning and deep learning, AI in real-life, the effects of AI in cybersecurity, and how hackers use AI technology to attack computer systems.

Link to the PPT: How AI can help in Cybersecurity

4. IT fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Tanishk Jharwal, a Student at Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology Management and Gramothan (SKIT) published the IT fundamentals of Cybersecurity presentation. This presentation highlights cybersecurity in four parts:

  • Introduction to cybersecurity tools and cyberattacks
  • Cybersecurity roles, processes, and operating system security
  • Network security and database 
  • Cybersecurity compliance, framework, and system administration

The presentation also includes contents such as categories of cybercrime, a list of security tools, safety tips for cybercrime, and the advantages of cybersecurity. It explains cyber crimes like hacking, phishing, spam emails, denial of service, spyware, adware, malware, and ransomware.

Link to the PPT: IT fundamentals on Cybersecurity

5. Cybersecurity 101

Wiam Younes, Carnegie Mellon University, published the cybersecurity 101 presentation. The PPT includes an introduction to cybersecurity, security threats and risks in computer systems, security measures in cybersecurity, safely managing your passwords, managing your email accounts, and securing your computer systems.

The Cybersecurity 101 presentation teaches you to protect the data you are handling and provides guidelines for protecting yourself from cyber attacks. It offers different policies and procedures for protecting your network and system.

With this cybersecurity ppt, you can identify cybercrime-related theft, including credit card fraud, financial identity theft, government identity theft, mortgage fraud, and license plate number identity theft. This ppt also guides you through different practices to protect yourself from identity theft.

Link to the PPT: Cybersecurity 101

6. Cybersecurity Introduction

The Cybersecurity Introduction is a presentation from the students of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Canada. This presentation provides you with the basics of cybersecurity, its definitions, principles, and about cyber threats. It also guides you through different sources of cyber threats, classifications of cyber threats, unstructured cyber threats, structured cyber threats, and highly structured cyber threats.

With this presentation, you can also learn about cyber attacks, their types, and the impacts of cyber threats. This presentation will also give you a brief idea about malicious code and its types. The Cybersecurity Introduction PPT highlights the vulnerabilities of your computer system in cybercrime.

Link to the PPT: Cybersecurity Introduction

7. Study of Emerging Trends and Challenges of Cybersecurity

Published in January 2022, the Study of Emerging Trends and Challenges of Cybersecurity presentation by Ritvik Kumar provides an overview of emerging trends and challenges in cybersecurity. The presentation consists of content such as the basics of cybersecurity and cybercrime, trends in changing cybersecurity, cybersecurity techniques, cyber ethics, and the roles of social media in cybersecurity.

This presentation also highlights the cybersecurity incidents reported to Cyber999 in Malaysia between January 2012 and 2013. Cyber999 is a cybersecurity center operated by Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) to report incidents related to cyberbullying or cyberattacks.

Link to the PPT: Study of Emerging Trends and Challenges of Cybersecurity

8. Cyberattacks and IT Security in 2025

The Cyberattacks and IT Security in 2025 presentation is drafted by RadarServices, the European market leader for managed security services. RadarServices interviewed designated IT security experts in Europe and Asia and shared their views in this presentation concerning the development of cyberattacks and security technologies till 2025.

The presentation provides an overview of the questions like the type of cyberattacks that will be estimated in 2025, what are the biggest challenges for IT security technologies today and which will be there in 2025, and in which areas of IT security organizations need to invest to be viable in 2025.

The presentation highlights the dangers of cyberattacks that will likely happen in 2025. It also briefs you on security technologies companies need to use to prevent cyberattacks’ dangers.

Link to the PPT: Cyberattacks and It Security in 2025

9. Cybersecurity in Society

The Cybersecurity in Society presentation by Rubal Agarwal was published in August 2018. This presentation provides an overview of cybercrime, its types, and its stages. It also provides you with the importance of cybersecurity and safety tips for cybercrime.

He also presented cyber crimes such as hacking, child pornography, phishing, denial of service attacks, cyber terrorism, virus spreading, and software piracy. It highlighted the statistics of the number of cybercrime cases in India in January 2015. The presentation also consists of the effects of cybercrime in India. The PPT also includes the top 10 security assessment tools to identify vulnerabilities in cyber security.

Link to the PPT: Cybersecurity in Society

10. Cybersecurity 

The Cybersecurity presentation was published in October 2021 by Vinod Sencha. The presentation contains the importance of cybersecurity, cybersecurity domains, the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) Triad, and threats and vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. It also highlights the concepts like phishing and its statics and examples, malware, viruses, bombs, Trojans, Worms, email worms, denial of service attacks, and ransomware.

Vinod Sencha focuses on the Covid-19 cyber threats in the presentation. He also briefs you about society’s types of cybercriminals, virus detection, cybersecurity and privacy, and footprinting.

Link to the PPT: Cybersecurity

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