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Top AI News of the Day | 23 Feb 2023

  1. Microsoft Launches BioGPT, the ChatGPT of Life Science

Microsoft has unveiled BioGPT, a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can be used to assess biomedical research in order to provide biomedical queries with answers. This technology is particularly pertinent for assisting researchers in gaining fresh perspectives. BioGPT is trained using millions of previously published biomedical research articles

  1. Spotify Launches AI-Powered ‘DJ’ Feature Using OpenAI Technology

A computerised song-spinner with a “stunningly realistic” voice that queues up music based on your musical preferences and listening history is now a feature of Spotify’s app. Starting on Wednesday, English-speaking Spotify Premium subscribers in the U.S. and Canada will be able to access the DJ beta version.

  1. Instagram co-founders’ new AI-powered news app ‘Artifact’ now open to all

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have released Artifact, a new artificial intelligence (AI)-driven personalised news feed application, along with new features. The Artifact team announced in a blog post on Wednesday that anyone can now download and use the new programme without a waitlist or phone number.

  1. Comic book loses copyright of AI-created images in US

According to a letter from the US Copyright Office seen by Reuters, images in a graphic novel that were produced by the artificial intelligence programme Midjourney shouldn’t have been given copyright protection. Kris Kashtanova, the author of “Zarya of the Dawn,” is granted a copyright for the portions of the book she wrote and organised, but not for the pictures created by Midjourney, according to the office.

  1. Microsoft brings AI-powered Bing to mobile and Skype

Microsoft is now delivering the AI-based Bing chatbot’s functionality to smartphones and Skype, two weeks after its debut. The Bing button in the app would allow users who have been invited to the preview to initiate a conversation with the chatbot. Users of Skype on all platforms can have private conversations with Bing or add it to group chats where anyone can tag it and ask a question.

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