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Top AI News of the Day (11 January 2023)

1. Writesonic AI Writer has Released ChatSonic, a Conversational AI Chatbot

A renowned AI writing tool called Writesonic has revealed a conversational AI chatbot called ChatSonic, claiming to enhance ChatGPT’s features and surpass its mistakes. The advantage of ChatSonic is that it constantly updates factual content using Google’s Knowledge Graph. With ChatSonic, instead of writing instructions down, users may simply voice them. What’s astonishing is that the AI can also read back the created responses.

2. Raises $7.8 Million in Seed Funding

Leading AI startup has raised $7.8 million in seed funding to develop its unique personal language model. The funding will advance GGT-1 (Generative Grounded Transformer), a model that trains on personal data instead of publicly available data. Many venture capitalists like Beni VC, Village Global, Keshif Ventures, Supernode, and Good Friends back the company.

3. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Pune, to be Accessible on BharatVerse Metaverse

The day witnessed the signing of a memorandum of agreement between BharatVerse, India’s first metaverse platform, and Pune’s Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, making it the country’s first museum to choose the metaverse road. Users can access the metaverse experience using head-mounted devices, mobile phones, web browsers, etc.

4. Mental Health App Koko Comes Under Fire for Secretly Switching Counselors with AI Chatbot

Koko, an AI firm focused on mental health, came under fire for secretly replacing counselors with an AI chatbot for mental health support. Over 4,000 recipients were subjected to Koko’s test of GPT-3-generated AI responses without their knowledge. Co-founder Rob Morris describes it as a co-pilot strategy to see the future of health chatbots applied under professional monitoring. 

5. US Club Hires ‘A Robotic Bouncer’

Sapphire, a Las Vegas, US club, has hired the world’s largest security guard—a robotic bouncer to welcome tech leaders over a weekend conference. The mechanical bouncer Mech “The Bot” Johnson is a 15-foot-tall and 8,800-pound heavy robot suit controlled by humans. The Bot, too big to fit through any door, was positioned outside the club’s entrance to delight guests waiting in line thoroughly.

6. MG Motors’ MGverse

MGverse, a virtual reality, 3D experience built on metaverse technology and made possible through a collaboration with, has been announced by MG Motors. Users will be able to access the MG Pavilion, at the Auto Expo2023, from any location in the world using the MGverse. Users can also view their avatars by going to the MG expo pavilion, where they can interact with other avatars using interactive tools.

7. BrainChip in Talks with Accenture’s MD and Global CTO on AI Innovation

BrainChip, the company behind the world’s first low-power, fully digital neuromorphic AI IP, is talking with Jean-Luc Chatelain, MD and Global CTO of Accenture Applied Intelligence, on the “This is our Mission” podcast. The “This is Our Mission” podcast offers consumers, developers, analysts, technical and financial press members, and investors insight into the AI sector. On January 11, 3 p.m. PST, the podcast aired on the BrainChip website and several other podcasting apps.

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