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Temasek launches a Global Center for Artificial Intelligence Technologies AIcadium

Renowned investment company Temasek launches its new platform named AIcadium. The platform is a global center for artificial intelligence technologies that will provide solutions to businesses for better workflow and outcomes across the globe. 

The new platform uses machine learning technology to deliver the best services to its clients. Under the supervision of the head of AI strategy and solutions of Temasek, Michael Zeller, AIcadium is now building a strong and experienced team of researchers, data scientists, and engineers to carry out its operations. 

Temasek wanted to increase its network portfolio at a global scale by launching a product that would enable enterprises to achieve better business outcomes using artificial intelligence technologies. 

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AIcadium mentioned in a blog, “Temasek is committed to driving digital transformation across its portfolio,” said Michael Zeller. “We recognize that in order to meet the global challenges we will face in the coming years, companies across industries need to be efficient, sustainable, and growth-oriented, often in exponential ways.” 

Using the vast amount of data available with Temasek, AIcadium will provide the best available artificial intelligence solutions for businesses to tackle various commonly faced challenges. The platform uses deep learning technology to analyze multiple use cases offered by organizations. 

It then feeds the gathered data to its artificial intelligence model to provide solutions for business challenges like predictive maintenance and computer vision-powered employee safety assurance. AIcadium is also capable of performing accurate natural language processing across various languages. 

Michael Zeller said, “Artificial Intelligence has a key role to play in enabling our portfolio and talent to be resilient, as well as ready to seize future opportunities and growth. Initiatives like Aicadium are how we deploy our capital to catalyze novel solutions to transform businesses and further social impact.” 
Data scientists who are interested in joining AIcadium can visit the official website of KDD Data Science Conference 2021 from 14th to 18th August.

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