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Spotify Unveils AI-Powered Podcast Translation with Host’s Voice

In collaboration with prominent podcasters, Spotify has already translated select episodes into Spanish, French, and German.

Spotify has introduced an innovative artificial intelligence-powered feature that can translate podcasts into various languages while retaining the original host’s voice. Powered by OpenAI’s voice generation technology, this development aims to create “realistic synthetic voices” from short speech samples, enhancing the authenticity of the podcast listening experience.

In collaboration with prominent podcasters like Dax Shepard, Lex Fridman, Monica Padman, Steven Bartlett, and Bill Simmons, Spotify has already translated select episodes into Spanish, French, and German. These multilingual episodes will be accessible to both free users and paid subscribers in the near future.

Spanish, French, and German were chosen as the initial target languages, aligning with the preferences of Spotify‘s podcast audience. The company plans to expand this feature globally and has hinted at collaborating with more podcasters, including comedian Trevor Noah.

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While specific details about the cost of this feature remain undisclosed, Spotify expressed its commitment to further enhancing podcast accessibility and global reach, indicating that this initiative is just the beginning of their efforts in this direction.

Spotify’s foray into AI-powered podcast translation represents a significant step toward breaking language barriers in the podcasting world. By preserving the host’s unique vocal characteristics while delivering content in different languages, the company aims to offer a more immersive and inclusive experience to its diverse user base. 

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