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Snapchat Releases its AI Chatbot ‘My AI’ to Everyone for Free 

‘My AI’ will now suggest locations to visit from the map tab of the Snapchat app or AR filters to use in the app's camera.

Less than two months after it was initially made available to the app’s over 3 million paying subscribers, Snap is making its “My AI” chatbot available to all 750 million monthly users of Snapchat for free.

Additionally, Snapchat is integrating My AI more and more to its initiatives. By mentioning it in group conversations with the @ sign, it can now be added. Snap will enable users to give their bot a unique Bitmoji avatar to change its name and appearance. 

Additionally, My AI will now suggest locations to visit from the map tab of the Snapchat app or AR filters to use in the app’s camera. As an example, during the company’s annual conference today, a photo of tomatoes in a garden prompted the bot to answer with a generated image of gazpacho soup. Snap also hopes to soon enable users to visually message My AI and receive AI generated responses.

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While Microsoft and Google race to incorporate generative AI into their search engines, Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap, views the technology as “an awesome creative tool.” In a recent interview, he gave specific instances of how he used My AI to arrange Miranda Kerr’s birthday itinerary and write bedtime stories for his kids. He claims that My AI is already facilitating more than 2 million chats each day.

Regarding My AI’s possible effects on Snap’s advertising business, which has had significant growth hurdles, Spiegel has been quiet. He acknowledges that using My AI’s interactions for ad targeting may be a chance, but he doesn’t go into further detail, leaving room for future advances to be hinted at.

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