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Skills and Tools You Need to Be a Better Angular Developer

As per the experienced angular developers, angular allows them to build complex web applications with ease and efficiency. Moreover, it gives them the tools to create rich, interactive user experiences. The United States uses the most Angular websites, i.e., around 75,041. 

Thus popularity creates a massive demand for Angular developers. So, if you’re a developer who is looking to upskill or become a skilled angular developer, you need to think about the languages, tools, and app requirements for programming. Here, we discuss in detail the skills and tools that’ll help you become a skillful developer. 

10 Skills You Need To Become a Better Angular Developer

Angular is a well-liked framework for creating web applications. Because of its versatility, scalability, and robustness, professionals frequently utilize it in the creation of enterprise-grade online applications. Moreover, the ideal Angular developer possesses a wide range of practical skills. 

So, while upskilling yourself as an Angular developer, you require both programming knowledge and developmental knowledge. You’d be a preferred candidate during interviews if you’re knowledgeable, practical, and competent. So, make sure that you master the following skills: 

1. Understanding of Angular Architecture

To advance as an Angular developer, you must have a firm grasp of the Angular architecture. It’s necessary to understand how Angular modules, components, services, and directives interact. Moreover, you should also be comfortable designing, developing, and testing your applications using Angular CLI.

2. Typescript

Typescript, a superset of JavaScript, is used to develop Angular applications. So, to become a better Angular developer, you should have a firm grasp of Typescript. Moreover, you should be able to use features like classes, interfaces, types, and decorators to create code that is understandable and manageable.

3. RxJS

RxJS is a library used for reactive programming with Observables. It is an essential part of Angular, so you should be knowledgeable about it. Further, with the use of operators like map, filter, and combine, you should be able to manipulate data streams.


To develop as a skillful Angular developer, you must have a firm grasp of HTML and CSS. These languages should allow you to create user interfaces that are both responsive and visually appealing.

5. Angular Material

Angular Material is the name of a library of user interface elements for Angular. It provides pre-built UI components to assist you in creating your applications. Therefore if you want to become a better Angular developer, you should be able to construct acceptable and responsive user interfaces using Angular Material.

6. Testing

If you want to develop Angular applications, testing is necessary. You must be able to write unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. Moreover, you also need to be comfortable using testing programs like Karma and Protractor. This is one of the essential steps to having a strong hand to be a proficient developer. 

7. Debugging

For any developer, the ability to debug is essential. Any application should be free of errors. If you want to become a better Angular developer, you should be comfortable using browser developer tools to troubleshoot your applications. Also, you ought to be able to use tools like Augury to debug your Angular applications.

8. Performance Optimisation

Performance is crucial for any online application to be successful. As a skilled developer, you should optimize the performance of your projects. So, this means reducing the number of network queries while also making your applications’ size and loading time more efficient.

9. Git’s version control

A popular version control program called Git is commonly used in the development of software. Therefore, as one of the other essential skills for a competent Angular developer, you should be able to use Git to maintain your project. This includes understanding how to create branches, merge code, and resolve conflicts.

10. Soft Skills

A very essential aptitude for developers is to utilize soft skills. If you collaborate with authorities and other professionals, you should have good communication abilities, be a team player, and be willing to learn about and adapt to new technologies and practices.

Five Resources Every Angular Developer Needs

As an Angular developer, you need the right tools to organize your workflow and create high-quality applications. The top five tools required to create Angular applications will now be discussed.

1. Angular CLI

The command-line interface can be used for Angular app design, development, and testing (CLI). This powerful tool also includes a selection of generators for creating modules, services, and building blocks. So, you can employ different resources and conduct tests for your product effectively.

2. Visual Studio Code

As experienced angular developers, they may use an editor called Microsoft Studio Code. You can enjoy various features like debugging, syntax highlighting, and code completion. Moreover, it has a substantial extension marketplace that provides support for additional tools and libraries.

3. Augury

You can use a Chrome extension called Augury which makes it easier to debug Angular applications. Further, it offers the ability to view and alter component properties. Also, it shows a visual representation of the component tree of your application.

4. Chrome DevTools

You can use a set of web development tools referred to as Chrome DevTools– which is included with the Chrome browser. It includes a wide range of powerful features, such as network speed testing, JavaScript debugging, and HTML and CSS analysis.

5. Protractor

Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework for Angular apps. It gives you the possibility to build automated tests for your application. Moreover, it provides a collection of APIs that enable you to interact with it as if it were a real user.

Wrap Up

The demand to hire angular developers is set to grow, which increases competition in the market. Understandably, to enjoy new clients or a job, you’d want to be a better Angular developer. And upskilling is a great idea to hone your knowledge and competency.

Therefore, you should focus on developing skills like HTML/CSS, Communication, Debugging, and more. Moreover, you can utilize some tools like Augury, Chrome DevTools, and more. So, get, set, upskill today, and become a proficient angular developer.

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